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Sauna Health Benefits

The sauna is an ancient practice that is featured in many diverse cultures around the globe. Traditionally, saunas and sweat lodges had religious or ceremonial value to most cultures they originated in. Today, we use continue to use saunas because of this residual cultural heritage, but also because they feel both relaxing and invigorating in all seasons. The physiological effects of the sauna are more than just an indulgence, however; to this day, medical researchers are continually discovering new health benefits that saunas can provide.

If there’s one thing that all saunas—wet or dry—have in common, it is that they cause you to sweat. In fact, in the extreme temperatures a sauna produces, your sweat glands can excrete a quart of sweat in just fifteen minutes—as much as the average person will sweat in an entire day! This achieves an intense cleansing effect, flushing many of the chemicals, toxins, and waste products suspended in your fat cells. Alcohol, nicotine, pesticides, preservatives, household cleaning supplies, and car exhaust are just some of the pollutants we draw into our systems everyday living in the city. Sweating it out in the sauna is a simple, luxurious way to cleanse yourself. (more…)

How to Get Schvitzed in Chicago – Chicago Magazine

To call the room hot is not sufficient. A boiling oven of cedar and granite that causes capillaries to dilate, heart rates to accelerate, and abject dread to flourish.
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Google Reviews

Chicago Sweatlodge
Reviewed from Google

4.8 out of 5 stars

Daniel Fernandes
Daniel Fernandes

5 out of 5 stars

posted 19 hours ago

Very unique experience! Good to try if you haven't. Relaxing! Go with a friend

Cristobal De La Sierra
Cristobal De La Sierra

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Best urban oasis ever! Clean, best food, Russian sauna cooks, plunge pool refreshes, great beer selection, recharge and disconnect with a no cell phone atmosphere!
I realize how bad it is to be on the phone all the time after spending a great time at the Sweat Lodge! European style set up with traditional amenities reminds me of the possibility of being born in Europe as a 1st generation American instead of this dump. I mean U.S.A. My go to place if I have a few hours.

Dmitriy Margolin
Dmitriy Margolin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Great place to relax if like saunas and steam rooms! Very friendly staff, good choice of food and drinks and alcohol ( e.g. beer, vodka, tequila). Also, you can get a relaxing massage. Sometimes it can get crowded, especially on Fridays. Parking is big enough to accommodate many cars.
This place has two hot rooms: Turkish type room and Russian / Finnish type (dry) and cold plunge pool. It has lockers and showers.
Cafeteria has space for about 40 people.
Enjoy this place!

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